Monday, 22 October 2007

"A" Bear

I'm making 'A' Bear for my nephew:

Adrian Joseph George

He was born 5 months too soon, and left us the same day.

His mother Sarah and father Adrian wanted to give him a teddy bear to keep him company where he's going. So I'm making one for him.
I wish I could do more.


Monday, 15 October 2007

I'm finally back!

That's how long it took me to get my internet back. On supposedly one of the better telcos in Australia. *suppresses rage*

I haven't been knitting or crafting much anyway, so you haven't missed much. I've only been working on what I've decided to call Ocean Girl, because of its colour:

This is the dress before I ripped it completely back to the beginning because I realised I wouldn't have enough wool. My calculations are in the background. Thankfully that was a couple of weeks ago - I'm over the pain now. This is what the original looks like:

I figure the frill is entirely optional!

So the dress has been shortened to a tunic. I had to rip it back entirely, because it was designed to flare at the bottom and it was knitted from the bottom up. I've finished the front now, and almost finished one sleeve. I have until October 30th. I may be screwed. We'll see.

More in a few days maybe, I'm very tired now. Good night!