Saturday, 24 August 2013

I Finished Something!

And on time, too!
I made this monster toy for a birthday gift:

A 30th birthday is a big occasion, and I was feeling inspired, so I thought, why not? My inspiration wavered a lot over the month I had to finish the monsty. It took some hard slog in the end, finishing about 2 hours before I had to leave for the party, but I did it!

Parts of the monster are cobbled together from techniques from some of Stacy Trock's Fresh Stitches designs. (Yes, the designer I mentioned in my last post, too.) I've never been able to make arm/leg pieces that were consistently round and the same size until I started working with one of her patterns. They're awesomely written.
Other parts I made up myself, mainly the gusset design that I came up with a few years ago.

I really enjoyed making this monster, even the parts I normally hate, like sewing things on. The mouth and teeth are made of felt that I sewed on with embroidery thread. The colours aren't what I would have ideally chosen, but I didn't have time to go on a felt-hunting expedition by that stage. I still think he looks pretty cool!
I have to say that I'm now a safety eye convert! I ordered some from ebay when I first got the monster-making bug, not intending to use them on this specific project. I love them! I feel they really make the toy come alive. I bought a set of 20, so expect to see more monsters with matching eyes soon!

Speaking of Stacy Trock's designs, yesterday I caved and signed up for the Fresh Stitches Kit Club! Every second month, a kit is issued with a pattern and all the materials needed to make the toy, plus a special gift. The price seemed very reasonable and I feel safe that the pattern will be easy to understand, as all her other ones so far have been. Plus, all her toys are so cute! I can't wait til the first one arrives.

And ... saving the best til last ....

Guess what?

Husbandy One and I bought a house!

No, we didn't buy this house, it's for illustrative purposes only. ツ
We're moving in a couple of weeks, so my life at the moment has been filled with boxes. Many boxes. No time for crafting, sadly. But once that's all done, expect many posts on house decorating. I can't wait!