Tuesday, 20 August 2019

August Personal Reading Challenge : Halfway

I enjoyed the reading challenge I did last month so much that I decided to set a personal one for myself for the month of August. I again set up a page in my Hobonichi art diary to record my progress.

My goals for this month are:
❖ read one hour every day
❖ finish Lord of the Rings
optionally ... finish 8 full-length books (including Lord of the Rings)

Here is my tracker as of today:

Each half-circle represents 1/2 an hour of reading. That seems to be the maximum amount of time I can concentrate before my mind starts to wander. Sometimes I have two books next to me, and switch from one to the other if I find my interest wandering. The bonus circles are for casual or incidental reading I did, such as reading stories on a writing forum.

The note at the bottom says: "I decided to start the challenge on the 5th, so I had a lot of catching up to do!"

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

My July

I know this update is a bit late, but I thought I'd do it anyway, now that I feel like it. There isn't much to report again from last month. I still have some ongoing health issues and I'm still not able to work right now. I've been doing what I can. It's the middle of Winter in this part of the world, and there have been some cold, frosty nights. I like the cold weather, wearing scarves and hats and layers, but I haven't been able to get outside much to enjoy it so far.

What I've been reading ...
I participated in the July 24 in 48 Readathon. I was busy on the actual weekend of the readathon -- the only time I've been busy for ages! -- so I decided to go easy on myself and let my personal readathon run for a week ... then a couple of weeks ... I kept track of my reading in my Hobonichi diary. As you can see, I still didn't quite reach my goal. I find reading is harder in the age of casual games within arm's reach. Each circle represents half an hour of reading:

What I've been working on ...
I've been doing some research for a new art project. There aren't many details yet, at least not that I'm willing to reveal. Sorry about that, but here's a sneaky behind-the-scenes pic. I again decided to use my Hobonichi to keep my notes in, as it has so many spare pages and I wanted to use them somehow:

What I've been drinking ...
In this cold weather, I've been drinking lots and lots of tea! I re-started my planned series of tea review blog posts. Hopefully there'll be another one soon. I also made progress on setting up my hutch with my collection of teapots and tea storage tins. Thanks to a recent donation from Mum, I now have a collection of Delftsware (Dutch blue and white ware) too, though unfortunately I doubt most of it is real. (I'm not showing the bottom shelf because it's not done yet.):

Selections from Instagram
I only posted one photo on Instagram last month. I just haven't been in the mood for sharing, not feeling like I have anything to share. Nevertheless, here is my photo of the foodie outing I went on a couple of weeks ago (photo is pre-pouring on of the delicious and generous serve of curry sauce!):