Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The Fickle Finger of Fate

I've started it! Oooh! But then I got bored after about 5 rows and I'm back on the 'net again. And waiting for the pizza to come.

By the way, totally unrelatedly, I discovered a site called Library Thing, which you can use to catalogue the books you own. I'm using it to record the books I've read. But only a selected list (i.e. what I can remember!) up until this point. Hopefully I'll be using it to record every book I read from now on. Just like I've kept up faithfully with every other thing I've embarked on. *snorts wryly*

A decision.

Finally, I have decided which pattern to use for my new Tank Top. Well, the actual decision itself took about 15 minutes. I just didn't have access to the computer so I could look the patterns up again for the last 5 days! It has been constantly on my mind, I've been itching to get started, and it's been very frustrating, but I understand that, to my flatmates, computer games are very important too.

But now that I have internet access, I have decided on.... taran-tarah! pattern number 2:

All the others were either not in my size, the straps were too narrow, the body shape was too plain, extra materials (i.e. buckles) were required, the gauge of wool was not right, or the instructions were unnecessarily complicated (i.e. I didn't get them). And I am easily influenced by my friends. :] Though one did have a really cute shrug that went with it.

I'm really excited! I printed out the pattern using workplace equipment (cause I'm a true Australian), and I can't wait to get home and get started! Yay!

The boyfriend will just have to put up with me ignoring him for the evening. Poor boy.

Thursday, 22 February 2007


Decision, decisions, decisions....

I've managed to cut the choice down to six patterns to make my new tank top from.
*tears out hair in an agonising manner*

By the time I've decided, it'll probably be too cold to wear it.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Unexpected Frenzy of Knitting!

Wow, despite it being 35oC, I have an urge to knit. What's come over me? Perhaps I just got thoroughly sick of the cherry top sewing project that Just. Won't. Work.

I decided to work on my Chunky Cardigan, cause I was in a garment kinda mood.

I got the whole of the back done (thank goodness, cause even acrylic and viscose gets kinda hot when it's draped over your belly when lying in bed) and started the left front. All while I was listening to Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood on talking book. Delicious!

But then I started to think to myself, Whoa there Knitting Nancy! You're getting ahead of yourself! If you finish this cardigan too soon, you won't be able to wear it for a couple of months! So I decided to put that aside and make a tank top from one of my Fan-tasee Wools (yes, that's right, it is just like Fan-tasee Island). These are two of the three Fan-tasee Wools, which I bought for a heart-poundingly reasonable price from Big W last spring.

I want to touch them, feel them, covet them.... oh hang on, they're mine! Now I just have to find a suitable pattern. I can't wait to get started!

Thursday, 8 February 2007

High Summer

Now, I have warned you all before that I don't knit in summer. So these pages are naturally going to be a little bit bare this time of year. I have done a little knitting this summer though, despite the heat. I worked on the Crazy Coathanger, and even Branwell the Brachiosaurus a little bit. I only did a few rows before I got bored though. I'd like to start working on my Cardigan again, but its' too hot, dammit! I've been doing a bit of sewing though. I'm making a top out of a cute cherry print fabric, but I had to change the pattern cos I have girly boobs. Who would have thought? So it's taking a while. I'll update again when I have something to show.