Saturday, 27 June 2009

5-Minute Obsessions - #3


I've been feeling an urge to do nothing but write the last few months. That's why I've had very little craft to show you lately. But, like craft, there are writing supplies and special things to be had. The Jetpens website has been on high rotation on my laptop, and I'll just burst if I don't place an order soon. Paper has taken on more significance for me as well, especially since Boy starting his drawing course. So of course I have to have some lovely journals to write in before I can even start to write anything, right? So I've been cruising Etsy and Notemaker as well.* And if I've learned how to make them myself (hopefully using up some of the insanely large stash of junk in the hobby room at the same time), that's even better! This is my procrastinating brain in action. I'm sure it will all come together one day soon. I hope so, or I might burst.

At 6am this morning (today is Saturday), I woke up suddenly and realised something. A few months ago, someone had asked me how I made my sidebar for my blog. I had always meant to answer them, but it's kinda complicated, so I kept on putting it off and feeling guilty about it. But when I woke up this morning, what I realised was that I needed to write a tutorial to explain it properly ... and that involves writing! My favourite thing of the moment! Plus research, which I'll never say no to (yes, I'm an information geek). Well, I couldn't just lie there in bed and try to get back to sleep with my brain buzzing like that, so I jumped up and madly started typing. I'll post it in a day or two when I've put the finishing touches on it. Probably the most important of which is to get Boy or someone to read it and make sure it's more than just incomprehensible 6am insanity.

Meanwhile, I have prepared a lovely mosaic showing some glueless bookbinding methods, Coptic Binding and Japanese Stab Binding, to be exact:

[I'm afraid it's been ages since I last made a mosaic, and I accidentally deleted the photo credits. =( But these photos are all from Flickr.]

Have a lovely weekend!

* I placed an order on Etsy a couple of days ago - I can't wait til it arrives!