Sunday, 22 July 2018

Patreon Reward and Raffle Prize from Rainbowholic

For a few months now, I've been a patron of Kaila of Rainbowholic on Patreon, and I've loved it. I've been on the "Sakura" level, which entitles me to a cute postcard in the mail every month, as well as access to secret videos, printable sticker sheets and a few more things. But more than that, a community has developed of like-minded cute stationery and journalling fans.

This month, Kaila was offering a copy of The ABCs of Journalling by Abbey Sy at one of the higher levels. It was a book I'd been wanting for a while, so I decided to upgrade. A stash of cute stickers and stationery was included -- plus the prize I won in the raffle that Kaila holds on her monthly livestream! I'm a very lucky girl.

I was too excited to do a real unboxing, so there are no photos of the outer packaging, but I can assure you it was pink and cute!

The ABCs of Journalling is a gorgeous book, beautifully illustrated and with lots of ideas for creating a diary and decorating it.

The stationery that came with it included some Gudetama and Little Twin Stars themed items. I love them all! There was a cute postcard with a lovely personalised message from Kaila, too.

Here is the raffle prize -- a notebook hand-made and decorated by Kaila, and some sticker sheets. (er, I didn't seem to get any photos of the stickers, sorry!)

I just love the notebook, which she made as a demonstration during one of her Patron-only videos. It feels so strange and exciting to see something I've seen on the internet, now on my own desk!

I love these retro patterned papers, and the 'postage stamps' are actually washi tapes with a series of different stamp-like images on them. It's almost too cute to use! I will have to save it for something special.

I've had mixed experiences with Patreon, but I've been entirely happy with my Rainbowholic experience. Kaila's positivity is infectious and she inspires me to keep making things cute every day! Her YouTube channel RainbowholicTV has frequent doses of kawaii journalling, crafts, DIYs and other fun things.

This post is purely my opinion and I have not received anything in return!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Finished Craft Project -- Oracle Mat

I finished a craft project! It's a mat for oracle readings. I had a small one for rune readings, but needed a larger one to fit multiple cards on. I looked at the project and realised I only had one row to go. I didn't have an exact size in mind so I just crocheted until I ran out of wool ... and it was running low. I added a simple border in double-crochet (single-crochet if you're in the U.S.) to finish it off.

It was featured in my Unfinished Craft Projects last month, so perhaps the purpose of that blog post series is finally coming to fruition!

Sunday, 8 July 2018

My June

Winter has hit cold and early this year. It's been cold enough to affect the spirits, but not enough for anything interesting like snow. I haven't been able to spend as much time outside as I would like. I also had some mishaps which kept me indoors, spraining my ankle and just as I was recovering from that, injuring my back. Work was also very busy, which led to feeling a bit down and not getting to do everything I wanted to do ... or is that really true?

What I've been working on ...
I've had a sudden and unexpected resurgence of interest in my Hobonichi art diary. I've been using it for a slightly different purpose than just a daily record of my life. I got stuck in a rut thinking that my life is too routine and boring to make a record of. One of the YouTubers I subscribe to, Rainbowholic, has spoken about that in some of her videos recently, and suggested other ways of using the diary. In the last few weeks, I've started a practice on Sunday nights of listing everything I did that weekend. I've found it a really helpful and fun wellbeing practice. On Monday mornings (or anytime really) when I find that I'm beating myself up over not having "done enough", I look at the page and it makes me feel better.

What I've been watching ...
At the start of the month I saw the Star Wars movie Solo. I've heard a lot of criticism about it, but I really liked it. I found the story really engaging, and even wanted to know more about the characters at the end. I wish there would be a sequel, but unfortunately I doubt there will be.

What I've been eating ...
A few months ago, Husband and I were talking with a friend and we discovered a shared love of food -- more specifically, going out and eating food together. So we decided that the 3 of us would go out and eat together on a regular basis, each of us choosing the venue in turn. Last month was Husband's turn, and he chose the Mac and Cheese themed day at the Preston Food Truck Park. These are frozen cheesecakes on a stick. There are more pics of what we ate here on my Instagram!

What I've been painting ...
I went to one of the Crap Craft series of workshops at NOIR Darkroom on Painting with Bob Ross. I'd never seen a Bob Ross tutorial before, and it was a revelation! If you haven't seen his shows, I recommend checking them out on YouTube or Netflix. The 'tutorial' was a bizarre mixture of unexplained painting techniques, small adorable animals, and encouraging mottos, all overlaid with Bob's calming voice. (Apparently some people listen to the audio of his shows to help them get to sleep.) It was a bit stressful sometimes -- we'd finish painting one tree, look up and Bob had already painted a whole forest -- but I would definitely do it again!

Here's my painting:

Selections from Instagram