Saturday, 26 June 2010

Two *More* Projects!

This time both of the projects are for other people though, so that makes it all right. Right?

First, Boy asked me to make him a hat with earflaps like the one I made for E a few years ago. This winter has been so cold that his old hat, which only covers the tips of his ears, just isn't cutting it. Back then I used the Jayne Hat pattern. (For your information, it's the hat the mean guy in the movie Serenity wore, if you're not geekily inclined.) I returned to the pattern page for it on Ravelry [login required: are they ever going to change this??]. I find now that the pattern I used is only available as part of a kit for US$20 (not including needles). Re-affirming my faith in the internet, I found also that there's still a free version on I'd saved a copy of it on my computer anyway. I probably could have re-done it from memory if worst came to worst. It's really easy. I changed the colours, and I'm giving the hat 3 stripes instead of 2, and no pompom. (He's just not that kind of guy.) Anyhoo, here's a picture of the hat In Progress:

Rare winter sunshine: glorious!

I imagine I'll finish it this weekend. Probably in front of the next installment of TV's James Bond season. The second project is a scarf for a friend's birthday.

I already ripped it out and started over again because I wanted to use larger gauge needles. I'm still not %100 happy with the garter stitch look, but I'm not going to change it again. I'm only about a quarter of the way through it, and the birthday is next weekend, so I need to stop faffing around and get knitting!

My hobby room My and Boy's hobby room has a new addition, which you saw glimpses of in the previous photos.

Herbs! And an ornamental chilli! We're going to have lovely fresh herbs! I'm so excited. We're leaving them alone for a few weeks to let them get settled in. The parsley looks pretty at-home already though, don't you think? Yum!

P.S. Thank goodness the baby version of the Jayne Hat is available for free. Here is a picture of it on Flickr being modelled on a long-suffering cat. Sorry I can't post it here because it's copy-right protected. What it also is is pretty cute! Today is bad-grammar not-carey day. Whee!

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