Wednesday, 10 August 2011

{Ditzy Tuesday} I bought a magazine

On the weekend, I bought SBS Feast Magazine. I know what you're thinking - yawn, another food magazine. The ability to make rainbow-coloured ravioli or caviar flavoured yoghurt smears seems to be the highest priority in the media at the moment. But SBS is my favourite TV Channel, so I knew this would be something different.
Here's the front cover:

I was really excited when I sat down to read it. The shops and restaurants featured are a careful mix from throughout the country. There are over 70 recipes from many different cultural traditions, interesting articles, beautiful photos and a huge amount of useful information. In particular, the article on where to picnic in Paris made me feel like I'll have some insider knowledge when I visit again. The doughnut feature with Dutch oliebollen made my heart leap a little and made me feel all inclusive. Not only that, but the pages themselves are thick and glossy. I love that!

The recipes are easy to follow, and any unusual ingredients are explained. Ingredients are listed by both volume and weight in most cases - a detail I appreciate. This magazine made me really enthusiastic about cooking again, about trying new things. I don't normally cook with seafood, but I'm really tempted to make this:

I'm going to subscribe, and I really hope the magazine continues in this vein. I'm not affiliated with SBS in any way, and wasn't given anything for free. I just think this is a really good magazine!

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