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Angoo-Mart Washi Tapes Purchase and Review

Hi all, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Just before New Year I came down with a flu which took me about 3 weeks to recover from. In fact, even now I'm still feeling a bit tired and lacking in energy. But still, today I wanted to share my Deco Tapes / Washi Tapes haul with you!

Angoo-Mart is a deco tape manufacturer and seller based in China. I have placed 2 orders with them so far, and was very pleased both times, so I thought I'd share my experience with you. The first time I ordered from Angoo-Mart, about 2 years ago, it was very difficult to find deco tapes in Australia, and most overseas suppliers were very expensive. When I heard about Angoo-Mart, of course I was attracted to their cheap prices and large range, and wanted to place an order. The big drawback with Angoo-Mart (but the only one, really) is that their website looks a bit dodgy:

Screenshot of front page.

It's basic and and the design is very old-fashioned looking.There's a bit of 'Manglish' on it, too. Normally these things set off alarm bells for me when placing an order online, but I decided to take a chance when I placed my first order. The site accepts payment by PayPal, which is safer than entering your credit card details.

Screenshot of category page.

There is a huge range of deco tapes and washi tapes to choose from, as well as kawaii stationery, stickers, pencil cases, mobile phone charms and similar items. The site is organised by type of tape, then by width (large, medium or small) and sometimes manufacturer if the category is very large. Many styles are represented: Disney, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Shinzi Katoh and other characters; generic kawaii; patterns like polka dots, stripes and checks; punk and goth styles; elegant French styles; and traditional Japanese styles. And many more! The Decorative tapes are made of plastic with a shiny look, similar to Sello tape but thicker and stronger. The Washi tapes are the traditional Japanese style, with a texture similar to masking tape. I have never ordered the paper or fabric tapes, so I can't comment on those.
Angoo-Mart have a Flickr account, if you would like to see good quality photos of the products.

The check-out process is very fast and easy. I placed my order on 6th January, and I was notified that it was posted on 7th January. The notification email had some personal touches that you don't always see when ordering online. I received it on 25th January, which I think is quite standard from China to Australia.

The items were packed into an amazingly small box. I was surprised at how they managed to fit everything in there! Yet nothing was squished or overcrowded. Everything was safely packed in with no gaps, and the box was lined with batting to protect the contents.

2 free kawaii notepads were included with my order (presumably because it was so large!).

As for pricing, the cost was extremely reasonable. The narrow deco tapes were AU$1.10, and ranged up to AU$1.99 for the wider ones. The washi tapes were a little more expensive at AU$1.99 to AU$2.99. The mini sets-of-3 were AU$1.50 per set. The stationery, pencil cases, etc. are also very reasonably priced. Shipping was a bit more than I would have liked though, at AU$17.20. (Bear in mind it was a large order. The fee is scaled by weight so it would be less when ordering less items.) I had a 15% discount voucher for being an email subscriber, so all up this haul came to AU$61.70. In my opinion this is a lot less than what I would have paid on Ebay or Etsy. Even at Daiso this number of items would have cost AU$78.

The complete haul!

Here's a shot of some of the deco tapes in action in my art journal:

Page is unfinished, obviously!

I have found all the tapes to be of very good quality. The glue will stick well on plain paper, as well as paper that has been painted with watercolour or acrylics. Even the tapes I ordered 2 years ago still stick well in my old art journal:

Clear tape with red grid; black tape with text/shapes (left-hand page).
I've painted over the tape in one spot and the paint sticks no problems!

Overall, I was very pleased with my purchase from Angoo-Mart. The tapes are cheap but good quality, and there's a huge range to choose from. My parcel was posted quickly and customer service was friendly. Even though the website looks a little dodgy, it's easy to navigate. The manufacturers welcome international orders, and are obviously trying to reach a world-wide market, with translations into 22 languages available on the site. I receive the email newsletter once every 3 or 4 weeks (not so often that it becomes annoying!), and there are regular offers and discount coupons.

I will definitely order from Angoo-Mart again!

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