Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Scarf for Emmy

I'm quite ashamed to say that I put my Lammily doll aside for a long time. I was making some Summer clothes for her, and the effort of designing them and writing down the pattern was too much. I bought some furniture for her as well, but I didn't have anywhere to set it up. Not to mention set-up for photography, which gets more and more difficult as Summer turns to Winter. I slowly gave up and went back to my zombie-crafting projects.

A few weeks ago though, I received an email about Lammily TV, a new youtube channel with amazing-looking projects like a parachute and an X-Wing Fighter. It must have stirred something deep inside me, because a few days later I had a dream that I was buying clothes for her on Etsy. At the time I bought my Lammily doll, there was nothing like that out there -- no clothes for sale (except from the official store, and those are out of my price range), no knitting or sewing patterns. I'm pleased to see now that there are quite a few crafty people making clothes for the Lammily doll. I bought an adorable retro dress and I'm waiting for it to arrive. So you see, my dream came true!

Meanwhile, I've been very motivated to knit or crochet some Winter accessories for Emmy. I found a pattern for a scarf and hat. I tried making the scarf first, but the pattern didn't make sense to me.

Worsted weight yarn with a 2mm hook?
DC into the chain below when there
is no chain below??

After several false starts, I gave up and made up my own stitch pattern. Well, it probably already exists out there somewhere, but this version of it came out of my own brain. I was going to write it up as a pattern if it went well, but I don't think I will. The fabric is very thick and stiff. It would be better for a coat or even a floor rug. But still, I persisted with it and now Emmy has a nice warm scarf that even doubles as an ear warmer!

I really need to make her some pants, poor thing. Brrr!

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