Thursday, 2 February 2017

My January

I did several new and different things in January, some of which I began in December, so it feels like the old year flowed easily into the new, in many ways. I displayed my art in an exhibition, I went to a herbal balm making workshop, experimented with doll photography, and renewed my commitment to KonMari'ing my house.

Weatherwise, it's been a strange month. There's less rain, as expected in the middle of Summer, but just about every second day has been overcast, which makes me less enthusiastic about going outside, and it's often even a little depressing. The temperature is often still quite high though, so it looks like Winter but still feels like Summer. I think it's left me feeling a bit disoriented.

What I've been making ...
My quest to craft more this year is going well so far. I think that making a list of top 5 projects to work on helped very much in keeping me focussed. I haven't finished anything yet, but I'm feeling much more optimistic about it. For my Granny Land blanket, I decided to make it 7x5, which means 35 squares. I counted them yesterday and I have 28 complete and 3 in progress. I was very pleased with that.

What I've been working on ...
I did an online course called Path of Colouring. It came with a printable colouring book of monsters to colour. The monsters represent the negative voices in your head, and colouring them is a fun way to interact with them. Each lesson, we coloured a monster while contemplating a question, and then wrote as much as we liked about it afterwards. The two biggest things I learned from the course (in a nutshell) are: 1. it's possible (perhaps even preferable!) to approach your issues in a playful and roundabout way. 2. Colouring is awesome!

What I've been planning ...
Ever since I did the herbal balm making workshop, I've been much more enthusiastic about my garden. I've filled in the details of my plan, and more importantly, spent time outside almost every day, actually doing things. Even if it's something simple like watering the plants or checking on them, I enjoy it.

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