Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bonsai Shop Haul

About this time of year, I always get an urge to go to the Bonsai Shop and stock up on pretty little pots. I love the shapes and the glazes. Apparently all of the sizes, designs and glaze colours have their own names in Japanese. I would love to learn them one day. I also got some decorative gravel.

The large round pot at back right is earmarked for Doris, my first succulent and the one that's had the most babies. She's put out a couple of branches that seem to want to grow horizontally and put down roots, so hopefully a wide, shallow pot will facilitate that. I'll share Doris: The Re-Potting in a future post.

This time, I also purchased a couple of live plants. My experiments with bonsai have been a bit disappointing in the past, but I guess I'm feeling optimistic at the moment. The plants at the bonsai nursery mostly don't have labels, and I forgot to ask what these were. I think the one on the left might be an azalea or grevillea, and the one on the right is a pine of some sort. I'm not sure if I'll try turning them into bonsai, but now is the right time of year for it, so I'll have to decide soon.

In retrospect, photographing green plants against a green grass background wasn't such a good idea!

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