Saturday, 7 April 2018

Tea Haul from Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas is both a tea sales and tea blending company. As well as selling a large range of standard teas, Adagio have a service called Fandom Teas that blends custom teas according to the customer's specifications. The Fandom Teas section features teas inspired by movies and TV shows, fictional characters, or themed by events like Christmas and Halloween. They are presented in a tin decorated with artwork selected by the blender. These teas are then sold on the website with the customer receiving a commission. Blenders can choose to have their commission donated to charity instead.

I first heard about Adagio Teas from Princess Peachie, a YouTuber I've been following for a long time. One of her fans sent her a pair of Fandom Tea tins that she created, inspired by Peachie's two pet rabbits, Pumpkin and Pudding. I couldn't resist ordering them for myself, plus a few others that looked intriguing. I'll share the entire haul today, and do in-depth reviews of some of the teas soon (starting with Pumpkin and Pudding, of course!).

The teas come in various different size options: sample, medium and large pouches, a sample tin and a large tin. Some varieties are also available in tea bags, but I'm not sure why only some are and others aren't. The tins with their custom artwork are an inspired idea, as they can be given as personalised gifts. I decided to get the sample size tins for the Fandom Teas, plus one regular tea in a pouch. I also received a bonus free tea pouch and a $5 off as it was my first order. An envelope with 3 postcards that had information about Adagio Teas and inspirational quotes was also included.

The Fandom Teas I ordered were:

❤ Pumpkin by Sacha W
❤ Pudding by Sacha W
❤ Harry Potter by Allie Stanley
❤ Luna Lovegood by Allie Stanley
❤ Aries by Adagio

The regular tea pouch I ordered was Honeybush Pumpkin Chai, and the bonus pouch I received was Chocolate Chai, both by Adagio.

It was easy to place the order on the website and the teas arrived quite fast from the U.S. In the picture, the box looks like it's coming apart a little, but it was firmly sealed up before I opened it. The padding in the box wasn't enough to stop the teas from moving around a little bit, but it doesn't seem to have done them any damage. The only small concern I had was that small particles of tea had come out of the tins as they were packed on their sides in the gift box. However, the tins were stuffed so full of tea that it didn't really matter!

The smell when I opened the box was divine, and all of the teas I chose smelled unique and intriguing. I haven't tasted any yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it. There seems to be a lively fandom and reviewing community on the website, which makes drinking tea more fun. There's no doubt I'll order from Adagio Teas again. I already have a very long wishlist!

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