Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Monthly Wrap-Up

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Two months ago I set some crafty goals for myself. I achieved most of them in one day, a few weeks ago. If only more days were like that! Here's a summary of how I went:

1. Increase number of items in shop from 35 to 45.
No chance, no how! It's still 35. This goal was waaaaay too ambitious.

2. Finish 3 older projects.
I finished 2 - the Amigurumi Chihuahua and the Flower Facewashers. I guess 1 per month is a more realistic goal.

3. Re-photograph and re-list 4 projects.
I actualy did 6! Thanks to Boy's new camera and his enthusiasm for trying it out. So that one worked out well!

4. Work on long-term project/s for at least 4 hours total.
I did this in 1-hour blocks and I managed 3. All this energy was spent on the Circular Rug, mainly because it's the easiest one. I worked on this Zombie Project while listening to The Hound of the Baskervilles. Enlightening! I want to find out how it ends, so I'll extend this goal into next month.

5. Improve storage situation in hobby room.
Well, if you count putting away all the stuff that I bought over the last few months, then yes, I did improve things! Mainly it was getting a new eco-bag and going, 'right, that's my new fabric storage area'. So not really.

6. Set next month's goals at the start of the month, not a week in!!
3 days in isn't too bad!

I learned a lot from this and I've adjusted my goals a little bit to reflect the things I'd like to achieve this time, and also the fact that I probably won't have much time in the near future (more on that later). So here are my September goals:

1. Increase number of items in shop from 35 to 38.
2. Work 2 hours on Long Term projects.
3. Do 2 pages in art journal.
4. Utilise drawing board in some way.
5. Look through old paintings and list at least one in shop.
6. Reduce number of projects by 2 (either by finishing or dismantling).

I've tried to keep these a bit light-on this month, as I will be pretty busy. I've renewed my motivation to exercise and lose a bit of weight before I go on my trip, and also..... da da daaaaa!
Spore came out yesterday! In case anyone doesn't know, it's the latest computer game from the makers of The Sims. You manipulate an evolving creature from a single-celled organism, right up to leaving the planet and conquering other galaxies. It's the ultimate god game. It's just my kind of game! =)

See you in a bit. Probably quite a bit....

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