Monday, 12 January 2009

Mosaic Monday -- A New Start

Mosaic Monday -- A New Start, originally uploaded by apartmentcat.

In honour of the new year, I have created a mosaic on the theme of "A New Start". How each picture relates to that is up to you to decide!

I did my second annual 3 Days of Craft over the New Year long weekend. (My first one was actually in April last year.) I mainly spent it wrapping up little things from last year though, rather than start any new projects, but I think that was appropriate.

My newest obsession is turning my blog into a book! Last night I downloaded the software from Blurb which automatically sucks my blog dry and slams it down into pre-formatted book form. Then you fiddle with it all you like, before sending the file off to be made into a real, live book! (For a fee of course.) I'm extremely lucky that LiveJournal is just one of the two blogging sites that it will do this for. I think I would like to do this every year from now on. For a long time, I've been trying to think of a way to preserve my blog (cos my ramblings are so deep and meaningful *snorts*) and this just seems like the perfect way. I'm starting to have visions of writing actual books and selling them in my shop and the Blurb bookstore. None of this faffing around with publishers anymore!

Freedom! Starting at US$12.95.

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