Sunday, 8 February 2009

These Things Take Time

Leaves, originally uploaded by apartmentcat.

My photos from my trip to Japan are up on my Flickr account. I haven't edited or cropped them in any way, it's just tourist snaps all the way. It's made me think that I really should get on with finishing the zine I've been writing about the trip, before the memories and impressions fade. But my brain has been fading in the heat! And I've become obsessed with Swap-bot again. I've been spending most of my time working on a big swap which involves a lot of writing. I've also joined a few other smaller ones which involve writing and making things such as bookmarks, which feeds into my obsession with reading at the moment.

After having no orders in my shop in about 6 weeks, I've had 3 in the last week! One is a bulk order for my zines from Lilmag, a distribution site in Japan. (If you want to look at the site, it's mostly in Japanese, so take the address and stick it into Google Translate or something similar if you don't read Japanese!) I'm very excited about this! I don't have enough copies of my zines lying around, so I've been doing some research on where I can get copying done without paying a fortune or being looked funnily at. It's a tough gig!

Meanwhile, things are happening! The Sticky Institute's annual zine fair is on this coming week. They are having a project where anyone can just pop in and contribute throughout the week, and a big sale and events next Saturday. The first Brown Owls event for the year has been confirmed in a few weeks' time. Numbers are unlimited, but it's members-only, and seeing as I am a member, that means I should go, but I can't take Boy or anyone else with me! *gasps* But I feel that 2009 is a year of change, and I can either hide away in my cubby-hole or embrace it and get out there!

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