Thursday, 12 March 2009

5-Minute Obsessions - #1

Right now I have an obsession with hand-spinning yarn on a drop spindle. Brenda of the Cast On podcast has been increasingly turning to spinning lately (she was on weaving thing for a while, too), which is a bit strange for a knitting podcast, but hey, I love her! I'm attributing my current obsession to her.

I'm swooning over this:

Butterfly Girl Designs - Drop Spindles, originally uploaded by WonderMike.

This one also sends a tingly feeling down my spine:

New Spindle, originally uploaded by Shunklies.

Let's face it though, I will probably end up with one like this:

spindle, originally uploaded by CUBIST LITERATURE!.

It was made at home using materials from the local hardware shop. I'm pretty impressed by it actually. I'm on a making-everything-yourself,-even-stuff-that-you-use-to-make-things-with kick at the moment. Hence the spindles I guess! Spinning raw material into yarn to weave into a cloth using the cardboard loom I got in Craft Zine a few issues ago, to cut and hand-sew into a [insert item here] seems really appealing to me right now. I just need a sheep to start the process off! They're so cute!:

sheep:Suffolk, originally uploaded by aikawarino.

It might be worth making my own spindle, not only for the money it saves, but because by the time it takes for me to actually decide to buy one of the other spindles, and for it to arrive in the mail, my mini-obsession might be over. I just can't take that risk!

Hmmm, what to do?

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