Thursday, 29 July 2010

Crochet, the Couch and Cups of Tea

Cat and a hot water bottle, originally uploaded by stripedtiger71.

What is the go with this extended cold??

Is is Climate Change? Have we entered a Nuclear Winter and no-one told me? Have I slipped into an alternate universe where it's always frikkin cold a la The Chronicles of Narnia? The cat hasn't started talking or anything, so that can't be it.

The cold has been making me kinda sad and grumpy, but this week I've been determined to get past it and get on with my life. I've started making a knitted scarf/necklace thingy, and I'm a bit excited about it because I got to start making it within 12 hours of having the idea instead of letting it slide away into the ether like so many of my ideas often do. I wonder if they're floating around out there somewhere, waiting to slide into someone else's head? Is that how they get into mine? Perhaps I should have a nice cup of tea.

Things I Want Right Now:
* cupcakes!
* tea from a teapot with a tea cosey on it!

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