Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fashion Obsessions #3 : Bags!

As the 8-week mark until my trip to Europe nears, I've naturally started to become focussed on what I'll need to take, what I'll wear, and of course what bag/s I'll use. Cos I'm such a girl. I've been trawling Etsy for a bag, the type with a long strap that goes over one shoulder. The trouble is, I'm not really sure what they're supposed to be called. Sling bags? Satchel bags? Messenger bags? Shoulder bags?

These were my favourites:

Column A Column B
Caffeine Structure Messenger Bag by Craftie Robot. Shoulder Purse Bag with Flap by 8smake.
Across Body Denim Bag by My Pretty Shadow (Australian!). Chinese Red Dragon Print Messenger Bag by Happy Family.
Grey Flowers Shoulder Bag by Koej. Blue Tie-Dyed Mushroom Bag by The Mush Room.
Bright Pink Dandelion Purse by Ner Designs. Ruffle Corduroy Bag by Blue Corduroy.

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