Wednesday, 11 May 2011

{ Monthly Zakka } - Shiny Socks

Zakka : A Japanese term, literally "many things". An everyday object that, with its whimsy and charm, improves one's home, life or appearance. It makes you smile whenever you use it.
Monthly : Here, "monthly" means whenever I feel like it, or whenever I finish a project that I feel could be described as Zakka.

This month's zakka is a pair of socks I've made. I made them with variegated acrylic yarn in pink, blue and yellow that I was given a while back. At the cuffs I added in some fluffy eyelash yarn which happened to match. They're deliciously horrendous, but every time I wear them they make me smile to think that I made them myself. And they keep my feet warm, which is pretty important seeing as we're about to have the coldest winter here in possibly 10 years.

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