Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Your Inner (Or Outer) Geek!

Today is Geek Pride Day. So get your towels out and use the force! It's been ages since I did a mosaic, so I thought I'd do one dedicated to Geeky handmade products from Etsy, whether they be computer geek, sci-fi geek, science geek or un-categorisable geek:

Column A Column B
Circuitboard Tie by ScatterBrain Ties. Fake Moustache and Glasses Kit by Funny Side of Life.
Booky Badges by BeanForest. Wine Cushion by Yellow Bug Boutique.
Robot Riding Triceratops T-shirt by Happy Family. Day of the Dead Ereader Cozy by Rockin Mama.
Geeky Glasses Necklace by Emowieh. Spock Monkey Sewing Pattern by The Sock Drawer.

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