Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Doll Things

Even before I received my Lammily doll, I was trawling through online places to source accessories for her. When Emmy arrived, I suddenly remembered that I'd bought this playset from Ikea about a year ago:

Okay, yes, I tend to make impulse purchases, but it always works out in the end! ... Well, in this particular case anyway. Most of my stuff is still packed from moving house, but by happy coincidence, I found the playset a couple of months ago. It was meant to be, I'm sure. So Emmy now has somewhere to sit and relax:

I am interested in making dioramas sometime in the future, and this colourful modern furniture set would look great, I think. Especially with the miniature books and potplants that I've been coveting on Etsy.

As soon as I started playing with Emmy's clothes, taking them off to measure her for the dress I'm making, etc, I realised that I'd like somewhere safe to put them her clothes. A wardrobe or hanging rack. And somewhere for her to sleep as well. Oh, this could get elaborate!

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