Sunday, 28 December 2014

My December; aka Started and Finished

For this month's summary, I think I'll just do a run-down of the craft projects I've been working on lately, as it's been a while.

Firstly, the finished --
I made a bubble cup carrier a few weeks ago. Having decided I needed more bubble cup in my life to make me happier, I located one a couple of blocks from my work. It's not far, but carrying the cup is awkward and, being a warm day, the ice half-melted before I could get it back to work. Solution: make a carrier with handles which hopefully will insulate the tea as well and keep it cold. It works pretty well!

Ever since my Lammily Doll arrived a few weeks ago, I've been a bit doll-oriented. I have a long list of clothes and other items to make for Emmy. I started out simple though -- a handbag:

Er ... the bag was supposed to be finished by now,
but it only needs the ends weaving in and perhaps a button deco,
so I'm calling it finished!

I adapted the pattern from a Barbie doll pattern on Ravelry. Lammily and Barbie are both 1:6 scale dolls, so though their clothes aren't interchangeable, any accessories, furniture, etc should do for both. The same goes for Blythe dolls, and I'm really coveting some of the adorable Blythe satchel bags on Etsy right now!

Now for the not-yet-finished --
Knitting has taken a bit of a back seat to crocheting for me in the last few years, but some items just look and feel better with a knitted texture. Plus I had a strange urge to do basketweave stitch. So I dug out a half-finished ball of fuzzy Caressa and started making a doll blanket for Emmy:

I started making it before she arrived, but if I'd been able to measure it against her, I would have made it a bit wider. Maybe I'll just add a border on each side.

I'm also crocheting a dress for Emmy as it's Summer here and I'd like to see her in something cool and feminine. It's slow going as I'm making it from scratch and writing everything down as I go, in case I want to make it into a pattern later on.

I've really been taxing my brain trying to remember and/or figure out how dolls' clothes are made, the fastenings used and best designs for getting them on and off easily. What have I gotten myself into?

What I Got For Christmas --
I've already packed away most of my goodies (very out of character for me!) before taking any photos of them. I did though, make a list on my listography, if you're curious enough to see a boring, photoless list.

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