Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cat Café Melbourne .... Again

Yes, we went back again ... And yes, this post is basically just more kitty photospam.

I do have some news though -- there are three new inhabitants at the Cat Café, and they're all adorable kittens! Chirp, Nod and Tillie all have distinct personalities: Chirp was one of the first cats we met on the stairs leading up to the play area, and he loved to annoy the other cats until they either batted him away or consented to play with him. Nod spent the whole time sleeping, curled up in one of the pods. Tillie was nowhere to be found at first, but eventually slipped out of her hidey-hole to check out what was going on.

We were there in the last timeslot of the day, right after which is feeding time. The cats all emerged from wherever they were and started loitering around the hallway, so we got some group shots as well this time.

A good, solid hour of petting, playing with, and admiring a cohort of kitties was exactly what Husband and I needed to make us happy after a tough couple of weeks.

Now on with the photospam!

↘ Nod in the sleeping pod.

↘ Braveheart eyeing off the birds with his one eye.

↘ Winter and Ruby get in some solid sleeping time.

↘ Tilly jumps on top of the napping house.

↘ Tilly is too dignified to play with toys!

↘ The cats just love sitting on this cardboard thing.

↘ Chirp being curious and coming up the tube towards the camera.

↘ Lottie can't resist the rope toy.

↘ Group shot.

↘ It's nearly dinner time!

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