Sunday, 15 March 2015

In the Kitchen: Long Weekend Foods

Last weekend was a long weekend. Husband and I had already decided to do some cooking; we just didn't know what. Before I knew it, he was whipping up a marble cake! The chocolate portion is chocolate-flavoured (uh huh) and the pink portion strawberry-flavoured. He divided the batter into two jugs.

We then had fun pouring the jugs into the tin at the same time, moving back and forth to create layers of strawberry and chocolate. We also added some chocolate-covered crystallised ginger that was left over from our Christmas hamper.

We baked the cake in a flexible silicone Ikea baking tin that allowed the cake to bulge outwards instead of up! I named it the Pregnant Cake. (I guess any silicone tin would do that, not just Ikea ones? Or perhaps it was the batter? Will have to experiment.)

No worries though, the cake was delicious! Husband made some chocolate buttercream icing, and I decorated it with sprinkles -- though most fell off! The marbled effect was very pleasing. The only thing we regretted was adding the ginger -- it overpowered the strawberry taste. I thought it would be much better in a spiced cake next time.

Then for lunch we made sushi! I have to admit that I'm a little proud to say we're the kind of household that can spontaneously make sushi from things we happen to have in the pantry. Tinned tuna, cucumber, carrot, rice, Kewpie mayonnaise, soy sauce, dashi, and nori sheets.

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