Monday, 3 August 2015

My July and Preview for My August

I have to admit, I didn't do much this month. When I get home from work, it's already dark and I'm instantly in hibernation mode as soon as I walk in the door. There's nothing more appealing than snuggling down into my blanky on the couch and watching TV. As I mentioned last month, it's been colder this Winter than it has been for years, and everyone seems to be having trouble adjusting to it. I try not to complain though, because I really do love the cold weather, though to people in Europe and the U.S. 12oC (54oF) probably doesn't seem cold at all. Whenever we hear on the news about heatwaves in Europe, I have to confess, many Australians tend to scoff. I listen out for the announcement of the top temperature, ready to mock the heat lightweights who start to keel over when it hits 28oC. However, the top temperature announced for last week's heatwave was 36, which I was quite impressed at. That is pretty hot! A week of that has many Australians grumbling, too.Well, Melbournians at least....

Anyway, I'm rambling now. I haven't been in the mood for writing much in the last couple of weeks, not even blog posts, which I normally enjoy. When I try to force myself to write, it feels stilted and mediocre to me. Like right now. Egh. Let's move on to some good news!

I have the next two weeks off work! I'll be staying home and doing whatever the gosh-darn-dang-oh-damn-I-needed-a-holiday-heck I feel like. Which may include: reading, painting, blogging, napping, making amigurumi, baking, writing, etc etc. Meanwhile though, here were my main activities from the month of July. I don't really have any craft or things I normally show on the blog, but at least it's honest!

What I've been playing ...
I've been really addicted to my iPod games lately, especially Grow Legends, Pocket Frogs and The Blockheads. It's just so good to snuggle down into a blanky with just my eyes and a couple of fingers sticking out, playing simple relaxing games.

▼ Some of my frog collection in Pocket Frogs.

▼ Buying decorations for their habitats is fun, too.

▼ I built a fish pond so that my Blockhead, Jonno, can go fishing.

▼ And a simple wharf for him to moor his boat at. He has big plans for it!

▼ I even got Jonno a girlfriend but she completely ignores him!

What I've been installing ...
Near the start of the month, Husband and I went on an epic trip to Ikea. It takes about an hour to get there, so that instantly makes it epic before you even start on the winding path through the store itself! We bought some lighting for the hobby room and our wardrobes, and a few smaller things. Installing lighting in my wardrobe has made such a difference. I'm very happy!

It even has a proximity sensor so it switches off automatically when I close the door. Now that I can see inside the cupboard, I really should get on with re-organising it and putting all of my clean clothes away....

What I've been watching ...
My favourite TV show at the moment is Drunk History. It's a very simple idea. Comedians get really drunk and tell stories from British history. Then they film the stories with live actors (or in some cases animated), with ums, aahs, swearing, rude nicknames and all. The results are hilarious! The show is on YouTube and Comedy Central.

Image Source.

What else I've been doing ...
A new feature that I started last month --

wrote 2 dream stories ~ wrote an essay ~ went to a new restaurant ~ walked twice as far as normal without even realising it ~ updated the compactus map ~ read 2 books ~ baked a treacle cake ~ had 3 painting sessions ~ wrote a book review ~ had brunch with friends ~ won a hot air balloon part in Pocket Planes ~ did yoga ~ ran an induction session using the projector for the first time ~ wrote 3 observations ~ voiced my ideas ~ wrote some haiku ~ went to the comic shop for the first time ~ bought some hobby room decorations ~ finished checking a list of 941 files ~ finished 1 pink granny square ~ started an amigurumi ~ got up-to-date with my podcast downloads ~ added Mori tags to all of my blog posts ~ thought of a possible pen name ~ started an art journalling course ~ baked biscuits ~ collected all of the Anura frogs in 9 colours (6 to go!) ~ watched 4 movies in 24 hours ~ went for a walk to the pond park ~ booked in to get another tattoo ~ thought of a possible name for my book ~ bought a new art journal ~ made a plan for the compactus clear out ~ bought supplies to make Mum's birthday present ~ made a gallery with columns in The Blockheads ~ wrote my first RM tip for the work newsletter

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