Saturday, 5 September 2015

My August

August was a month of two halves for me. As I mentioned last month, I had the first two weeks off for a 'staycation' or as I preferred to call it, a 'home-iday'. Far from the excited frenzy of crafting and home renovations that I pictured in my fevered brain, I actually spent most of it sitting around playing computer games. Week 1 was to be our relaxing week, and Week 2 our going-out week, but I developed a bad cold at the start of Week 2 and spent most of it sleeping and playing more computer games. Almost everything that I did, I've already posted about! So this month's update might be a little sparse.

What I've been growing ...
Remember last year when I grew sweet potato cuttings? This is my harvest. I left it too late to dig them up and most of them were rotten. Oops. I'll try to be more prompt next year.

What I've been seeing ...
I took Husband to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium, as he'd never been there before and my last visit was many years ago. The fish and other marine creatures were truly beautiful. The photos don't do justice to them at all.

There was a particularly fun new room where you can colour an outline on a piece of paper, scan it in, and it will appear on the giant projector screen. There were 8 different types of sea life to choose from, and on the screen they behave just like the real animals. My fish swam back and forth in a school with the other children's fish, whereas Husband's jellyfish blobbed along the bottom.

What I've been playing ...
I started playing a new ipod game called Dragon Vale. It's a cute little game where you have a theme park which doubles as a dragon breeding facility. The aim is to breed adorable little dragons together to create new hybrids and collect all the different varieties. Husband has been playing it for a while, and I've been bombarding him with questions about it: "Is it worthwhile having lots of decorations?" "Should I buy the Colosseum or save up for a larger breeding cave?"

What else I've been doing ...
A relatively new tradition where I list all the other stuff I did last month, relevant or not...

made congee for the first time ~ discovered Celebrity Chef China ~ got halfway through organising my makeups ~ did parts 2 and 3 of the art journalling course ~ went to the art gallery ~ did my first painting on canvas ~ made puffy crackers ~ found a floating island in The Blockheads ~ walked to the duck pond again ~ made roast potatoes ~ went to a board game day where I played many new games and a 9-year-old taught me how to make Rainbow Loom bracelets on my fingers ~ found a Gem Tree in The Blockheads ~ pruned the roses ~ made a Shaun the Sheep costume ~ made a decision to look after my health better ~ refreshed my favourites list on Etsy ~ bought a vintage haori on Etsy ~ walked an extremely long way to get to lunch with a friend ~ went to 2 birthday parties ~ wrote several blog posts ~ read a paper on the records continuum ~ bought a new plant friend ~ fertilised the fruit trees and roses ~ baked scones which came out more like rock cakes ~ picked oranges from my tree ~ baked cupcakes for Cupcake Day


  1. The new room of the aquarium seems awesome! Mmmm roasted potatoes, I didn't eat them since I was a scout! Wow, I like the idea of a Shaun the Sheep costume.

    1. Roast potatoes are amazing, I eat them a lot in winter.
      Thanks for your comment!