Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Mori Year -- Summer

At the start of every season, I make a list of about 8 to 10 Mori-themed activities to do. I started this mini tradition a few years ago. I wanted a way to honour the seasons, and be more Mori in my lifestyle at the same time. (For any readers not familiar with Mori, there's a good introduction here.)

After I made my Summer list a few days ago, I realised I've never posted about this on the blog before. I think the reason for this is: I usually don't manage to do more than 2 or 3 of the activities on the list! But it's the spirit of the thing that counts, and in my newfound determination to share both the good and slightly wobbly, I give you my Summer list for this year!:

I also looked in my treasure box and found these items that seem to fit a Summer theme:

- a pair of strawberry stud earrings
- a little wreath with flowers from Daiso
- a little wooden tray with compartments, again from Daiso
- a mint coloured bunny-ear headband, which I'm wearing right now and it's adorable!
- bear socks from YesStyle which would look very sweet with sandals
- a pair of leaf-shaped vegetable cutters, which I could use to make my salads more pretty