Sunday, 30 July 2017

Temperature Scarf : Update #4

I have been working on my scarf for 5 months now! I have to admit, I thought it would be longer by now.

It's been a very cold winter, so there's been a lot of blue (14-16o) and grey (11-13o). A couple of times -- where the red arrows are -- it was under 11o and I had to fish through my stash to find another colour to represent the cold! Melbourne isn't normally that cold, so I hadn't prepared it ahead of time. The grey doesn't stand out very well, so I might weave through a darker grey or silver thread to make it stand out more. One day earlier this week the temperature climbed up to 17o (yellow arrow). I had that feeling in my bones that Spring was coming. Birds sang at dawn, and the warm yet blustery wind that heralds Spring was blowing. It's way too early for Winter to end though, so it was unsettling. I'm glad the weather turned cold again. I want to enjoy Winter for as long as I can!

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