Sunday, 25 February 2018

Fukubukuro Lucky Bag from Blippo

In Japan, there's a tradition where shops sell a lucky dip bag called a Fukubukuro at New Years'. The bags usually have a generous assortment of items at a very discounted price. I saw that Blippo, one of my favourite kawaii online shops, was selling one at the start of this year, and I decided to splurge.

I was very happy with my kawaii Fukubukuro. I paid around AU$27 and the items were worth at least twice that, I would say. The items came in a pouch made of sturdy fabric. It's a very nice pouch and I will use it for keeping craft projects in.

The bag was stuffed full with kawaii goodies!

There were several bag charms. I will probably donate the teddy bear, but I like the rest. I think I will make a new cord for the ice cream squishie, as the black cord looks rather out of place!

There were lots of cute hair accessories. I already have some similar to this, but none of them were in duplicate colours, which was very fortunate.

Here is a cute pocket mirror, a brooch and nail polish. I don't normally use pocket mirrors, but I like the colours on this so I might keep it to display.

Finally there were a packet of flower envelopes, a cute fan for Summer, a small bag and a rainbow llama card-holder. I love the bag as it could match with Summer Mori outfits, but my absolute favourite is the llama head. It's so cute! It has a clip, a pouch and a space in the back to hold a card.

I was really happy with my Fukubukuro. There were a lot of varied items in the bag, with only one item that I didn't really like, which is very lucky for a mystery bag. I'm not sure I'd get another one in future, but not because I was unhappy with it, just because I'm trying to be aware of how much I purchase and how much I own.

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