Sunday, 20 December 2009

Full Circle

After a break of about a month, I've started to work on my art journal again, and I'm glad. I always have phases where I rush around and get all stressed and tell myself, "I don't have time for art or craft!" Which is silly, really, because it's my favourite and most relaxing thing to do. I guess it's easy to fall into that trap at this time of year, instead of enjoying the holiday season.

I made this page last night while I was watching Zulu on DVD - a slightly surreal combination of activities:

Art Journal Page: acrylic paint, watercolour, gel pen, fountain pen, felt pen, glitter glue, collaged wrapping paper, chocolate wrappers, paper scraps and vellum.

It's about Christmas and some things that I feel about it, and the work functions that I've been to and how it's much more fun when you don't stress out about it. In some ways, I could call this the "I Don't Care" page. I just mucked around without thinking much about composition, colour or anything else. And dammit, it was fun!

Note: I stuck the vellum down in spots that looked too 'empty' to me. I hate to see any blank spots on a page. I'm certainly not a minimalist - probably the opposite, whatever the word for that is. The words on the vellum are a reference to the many reports we have to scan at work. Often they will have a page(s) in the middle somewhere which has nothing on it except the words "This page has been left blank intentionally." I've always found that mystifying, and it sprang to mind when I saw the blank spots on my page.

P.S. The bright pink gel pen I used on this page is my new Sakura Jelly Roll from JetPens. It's one of my most favourite gel pens yet!

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