Saturday, 30 January 2010

I *told* myself....

I told myself I wouldn't buy any more craft supplies this month. I've spent far too much on them already! (Actually, I don't really believe that. There's no such thing as too much! But somehow I don't think my doctor, pharmacist and landlord see things the same way.)
But when I saw a link to Angoo-Mart on Eccentric Spirit (a new blog I found today) I got so excited that I couldn't help myself! They sell deco tape online - lots and lots and lots of it! And it's so cheap that it wasn't hard to tell myself that I could justify buying a few. (Just a few, yeah, right!)
If you hear squealing in about a week's time, that'll be me!

cute deco tape (DXK series), originally uploaded by Angoo tape.

P.S. No, I didn't buy quite this many rolls!

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