Sunday, 29 August 2010

I finally finished my dice!

A few years ago I made a set of knitted fluffy dice. I posted them on Ravelry and I thought it was all done and dusted. Not so fast! It seems that, along with a few other projects that I made up myself, I accidentally posted them as a pattern, not a project. For a long time, I didn't realise that this would be an issue. Then in February of this year, I got a lovely and polite message from an admin asking when/if I was going to be posting my patterns to my pattern page. .... What the? ...

I was very surprised to find that, due to clicking the 'wrong' button 2 years ago, I have somehow become a knitwear designer. I was as shocked as you, my friends. There didn't seem to be any way to get out of it, so the only recourse was to finish the job off and actually write the patterns that were supposed to be on the website. I even chose a 'designer name' for myself. It was all very exciting and very scary. I had to make decisions like:
What should my designer name be? Do I need to add anything to my profile?
Is my blog what I want it to be, knowing that people will be linking to it from the Ravelry site?
Are the items I've already made up-to-scratch or should I make more professional examples?
Can I use the photos I already have or should I take new ones?
Should I put the patterns on my blog or should I make them into PDFs?
What's the best way to knit a cube?
How do I express that in the best way that others will understand?
And many more.

The worst part has been: the patterns are already listed on the site as patterns, even though they weren't actually there. People are able to search for them. They started asking me questions about them. I started feeling pressured and stressed. Like I had a deadline. I couldn't say what that was, but it was stressing me out. I had obligations all of a sudden. I had to make decisions that could be important in the future, and I had to make them quick! Anyone who knows me knows that I don't work very well under these conditions. Even just choosing a meal in a restaurant with the waiter there can make me freeze up.

In my own special, procrastinatey way though, I've been working diligently on the patterns. And I'm proud to announce that I finished the biggest one today! It involved knitting an example, and taking photos of it (Boy did that bit, he's a hero!), and re-configuring the dots and writing a pattern and drawing a colour chart and merging them into a PDF and figuring how to post it to Ravelry. And I did it!


The Pattern!

Even though the pattern is hosted on the Ravelry site, which requires an account to access, anyone can download the PDF from the above link.

*massively relieved*

Now I only have 2 more patterns to (re)write, and I will have paid my dues.
Then I can get started on some new ones. I'm actually quite liking this gig.

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