Sunday, 17 October 2010

30 Days of De-Cluttering!

Right. I decided yesterday on the spur of the moment that I'm going to do some spring cleaning around the flat. Getting home from a series of well-organised and minimally decorated hotel rooms to my little abode last weekend was a little ... how can I put it ... disappointing. I love my home beyond words and I love spending time there, but it's never been at all how I'd like it to be. Boy and I just have so much stuff! I get very attached to things, and I find it really hard to throw things away (not to mention saying 'no' when things are offered to me ... hello 8 new books!).

Yesterday I went into the hobby room to find that the cat had knocked over one of my oil burners and broken it - thankfully it was empty at the time. My first instinct was to keep it and try to glue it back together. Then I remembered that the bowl had already broken years ago and I'd bought a replacement bowl which didn't match the burner. Then I remembered that, between us, Boy and I have 3 other oil burners! So I decided to chuck it in the bin. It felt good. I decided to do a bit more. It's kinda scary to a hoarder like me, so I thought that one item per day for a set period might be manageable. A month is good. We're already half-way through October though! (As an aside - um, how did that happen?!) Oh well, I'll just start where I am. That's all we can do, isn't it? So I declared 30 Days of De-Cluttering!

So, on Day 1 I threw out the oil burner (yeah, yeah, I know it was broken, but a girl has to start somewhere!). And on Day 2 I'm throwing out a pair of sneakers. They're old and dirty and yucky and I never wear them because I have a new pair now. There! That felt good!

This picture is not my house, sadly. I chose it because it's full of stuff, just like my house. But the stuff is arranged artfully, all the ornaments are on display and the artwork hung with some kind of sense. It helped me to realise that I can have a well-ordered, aesthetically pleasing space without having to emulate a blindingly-white Scandinavian box with nothing in it.*

* If you like Minimalism, that's fine. I have no problem with it. It's just not to my taste. I'm a Maximalist. =)

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