Sunday, 20 February 2011

Quick Art Journalling Update

All of my art journalling supplies are still packed up in boxes. But I wasn't silly enough to pack my art journal itself away! I need to know where that baby is! In the last week I've been desperate to express myself. So I went out and bought a glue stick and grabbed some of the magazines and junk mail that have been lying around. Obviously these pages are still very much works in progress, but it felt so good just to do a bit of cutting and pasting!

I took these pictures on my balcony, and the wind kept blowing the pages over, so excuse my foot keeping them open!

The one on the top right I did after I bought a mis-colour paint pot from Bunnings. This page is a response to watching reports of the cyclones and floods on the news. The words I wrote with a whiteboard marker that I found. Phrases like "torrential rain", "severe flooding", "emergency evacuation shelters" keep appearing. I couldn't find any paint brushes so I used my finger.

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