Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 In Review

I try not to apologise when I've been absent for my blog for too long. I don't want to be That Blogger. (How long is too long, anyways?)

Nevertheless, 2011 was a crazy rollercoaster of a year. At the start of the year, I had a feeling that many things would change. And I was right.
I moved house (not by choice).
I started a second blog, making public my health and fitness journey. I'm a very private person, so this was a big step for me.
For 4 months, I 'lost' Boy. (He had a job where he worked night shifts and we only saw each other for about 1/2 hour a day. Thank goodness he quit!)
I lost a grandparent for the first time. He was the first person I've known well who has died. My family and I were actually there when he passed away. That changes a person. I'm still working out how it changed me.

I lost my craft mojo completely during this time. No craft = no blog content!

And now it's 2012. Looking back at this time last year, I was excited and optimistic about my Actions system for achieving my goals for the year. Sure, things like moving house got in the way, but I was doing really well up until April - when my Opa was diagnosed. After that, I didn't feel like doing anything. But I'm hesitant to chuck the system completely, just because the rollercoaster threw me about too much the first time I tried it. Most of what I want to do is the same - be creative, get healthier and less stressed, keep being my real self.

So I'm going to give the system another go. Look out for a post in the next few days!

2011 Statistics [2010 statistic in brackets]
Books finished: 70 (76)
Items sold Etsy: 3 (32)
Items sold Artfire: 1 (2)
Opportunities: 0 (1)
Opportunities followed through: n/a (0)
Blog posts: 51 (82)
Craft items started: ~11 (23)
Craft items finished: ~8 (14)
Zines written: 0 (½)
Art journal pages completed: ? (3)
New techniques learned: 1 (3)

Notes: I closed my Etsy shop during the year due to lack of sales, and my Artfire one was forcibly closed when the free account was withdrawn.
It's hard to tell when an art journal page is 'finished'. Many would argue there's no such thing! I did very little work on my journal during the year, so I'm going to assume zero.
The new technique I learned was Gingham Embroidery.

As for the craft, I'm working on two projects at the moment, and they're both Top Secret! One, I can't tell you about for a while yet. But the other, I can show you a picture, I just can't tell you what it's for yet. Here it is:

Oooh, the mystery!

I'll end with something I posted last year, but I still like it:

Trust the Universe. It will bring you what you need.

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