Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Review/February Things

What an amazing month January 2012 has been! You'd think that life-changing events don't come along very often, right? Well, on the Tuesday I got married, and on the Wednesday I was offered a fantastic job. I bought a lottery ticket on the Thursday, just in case. I didn't win any money, but I think I'm doing well enough as it is!

Packing Carsten's weiner sausages on an assembly line, Tacoma, Washington

My priorities have shifted drastically in the last few weeks. All of my energy in has gone into my new job, but I've managed to do some of the Things I laid out at the start of the month:

* Finish both Top Secret projects. (CREATE)
I did certainly finish the first one, my ring cushion. The second one isn't due yet for a little while, so I'm cruising along a little bit more slowly with it. I'm pleased to report that it's nearly finished, though!
.... Part Done!

* Make list of potential baby projects. (CREATE)
I did make a list of projects from Ravelry which I posted here. I was also planning to go through my (fairly extensive) collection of craft books and pamphlets as well, but I didn't get around to it.
.... Part Done!

* Continue to meditate every day. Try 1 new recording every week. (MEDITATE)
I can't say I meditated every day; I did it whenever I remembered, which was about once every 3-4 days. I guess it's not a habit yet. But I did try a new recording every week. I found some meditation apps which allow you to choose the length of meditation and style of background music/noises, so I had fun trying them out. So this one is
.... Done!

* Play Zumba or Dance Kinect game twice a week. (MOVE)
Um, I did this once the whole month! I've really been exhausted after work every day and, though I did manage to go for a leisurely walk each weekend, this one didn't pan out.
.... Try Harder Next Time ....

* Find previously cancelled projects and throw away/recycle them. (MAINTAIN)
This was another goal I didn't get around to.
.... Try Harder Next Time ....

* Make a list of non-keep books to read. Start reading one. (MAINTAIN)
I made a list of 70 books, and I finished not one, but two! I'm now trying to decide what to do with the books: send them to the book swap at my old work, or join BookMooch or something like that??
.... Done!

Beach near Port Douglas

Things I'd Like to Do in February:

* Finish the 2nd Top Secret Project.(CREATE)
* Collate potential baby projects and start one. (CREATE)
* Continue to meditate every weekday. (MEDITATE)
* Do exercise of choice once every 3 days. (MOVE)
* Find previously cancelled projects and throw away/recycle them. (MAINTAIN)

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