Sunday, 29 January 2012

Review of DHC Make Off Sheets

About The Brand & Product:
DHC (which stands for Daigaku Honyaku Center) is one of the top-selling Japanese skin care brands, and is increasingly being seen in other countries as well. Even Beautypedia (home of the Cosmetic Cop) has reviews of some of its products. I am new to this brand - I bought the Sheets because I needed a new pack, and thought it would be interesting to try a new brand.
In Japan, make-up is often just referred to as 'make', hence the name Make Off Sheets. There are 50 sheets in the box. A refill pack is also available.

The Product & Me:
I bought the Make Off Sheets from They were on sale for $9, normally $12.
I like to have facial cleansing sheets on hand - I use them when I get home at night to remove makeup and clean my face. I only resolved to clean/moisturise my face at night recently, and having wipes on hand makes this an easy and quick routine to follow.

DHC Make Off Sheets in situ in my bathroom cabinet.

The sheets came in a cute box with a flip-top lid, with the normal soft plastic package inside. This is one of the reasons I was drawn to this brand. Call me picky, but I don't like the way the soft plastic packages look sitting on my bathroom shelf. They just look a bit messy. The box is much neater. I also feel that the box will protect the sheets from drying out, which is a problem I've had before.

Appearance/Smell & Performance:
The sheets are made of cotton and are strong and soft. They're wetter than other brands I've tried. There's plenty of makeup remover fluid on each one. Advertised as being fragrance-free, they have a very faint smell of aloe vera (which they contain). Compared to other brands, I find I need to press/scrub harder to remove mascara using the DHC sheets. Another con is that they're noticeably smaller than other makeup remover sheets I've used recently (namely Simple and 10-06) (I think?)). I don't have to resort to using two, but I feel the size could still have been a bit more generous. The liberal amount of cleansing fluid on the sheets offsets this somewhat, though.
I have not noticed any irritation or other detrimental effects on my skin.

The make off sheet at work. Why did I choose candy pink eyeshadow today??!

Beautypedia Summary:
The fact that the DHC Make Off Sheets are fragrance free is a big plus, and they earn the tick that Paula gives to especially preferred products.
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The fact that the sheets are quite small was a bit of a disappointment. However, they work well and don't have any irritating ingredients. They were more expensive than many brands available locally, but about on par with the middle shelf brands. The fact that they contain 50 sheets instead of the more usual 20-25 is a plus - I'll only have to refill half as often! However, on, the refill pack is the same price as the boxed pack. So I'll have to weigh up whether I'll refill it with the DHC brand sheets, or just buy a local brand and put them in the cute DHC box.

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