Saturday, 14 February 2015

Return to Cat Café Melbourne

Husband and I have both been having a tough time at work lately, so as a special treat, we decided to visit Cat Café Melbourne again. You might like to see my original review here. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, and Husband didn't take too many photos with his iPad as he was too busy playing with the cats! But I have a little bit of photospam for you today.

Since our last visit 6 months ago, we noticed a few small changes. One of the staff mentioned that they have changed the cats' feeding routine so they are more active during the day. We certainly noticed this. All of the cats were in the public area, so I was able to tick them all off my list! Some were happy to just be patted while napping, but a couple were more playful -- Waldo in particular was stalked the birds outside the window, before settling down for the world's longest tummy rub with Husband! So cute! I didn't mind so much that many of the cats were asleep, as it gave me the perfect chance to practice my drawing! I did 2 sketches before it was time to go. I'll leave you with the photos now!:

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