Sunday, 19 April 2015

I Planted Some Bulbs

Today I planted some bulbs in preparation for Spring. I didn't plant any last year as they seemed to be a bit too complicated for a newbie like me. This time though, I took the plunge, but I made sure to choose Naturalising bulbs. As I've just learned, these are bulbs that you can leave in the ground over summer: they don't need to be dug up and stored.
I should also apologise in advance for the quality of the photos -- it was a very dull day.

Most of the bulbs were a lot smaller than I imagined they would be. I ended up only planting two out of the four packs, as it kept raining on and off, and the spots for the other two required more preparation. That would have made me more wet!

Here are the Dutch Iris bulbs. Everybody uses a spare bonsai pot as a container, not just me ... right?

This is the spot where I decided to plant the Freesias:

I was surprised to find that there are a lot more roots under there than I thought there would be! I guess they must belong to the fern. I couldn't dig any deeper, so I used the handle of my scoop to make deeper holes, then pushed the bulbs into them.

Then I covered it all up again with soil and leaf litter. I'm not posting a photo of that because it looks almost exactly the same as the second-last photo!

So, when Spring comes, we will see if my endeavours have come to anything.

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