Sunday, 24 January 2016

Art Practice, Moon Magic

I'm participating in Hali Karla's Art Practice, Moon Magic art-journalling project.

I've never been into astrology (I recently found out my Moon sign and it fits me just as little as my Sun sign!) but something about the moon fascinates me lately. I thought this might be a good way to start exploring that, while encouraging me to play in my art journals more.

The project works like this: each month, at the new moon, a prompt will be posted on the blog. As the moon waxes, the participants work on the theme. Traditionally, the waxing moon is time to do work of increase, abundance and coming into being, as the moon gets bigger in the sky. It seems fitting for creating a work of art. The piece can be in any form, and the time spent as long or as little as we like. There's a link-up on the blog if we wish to share our results.

This month's theme is DEDICATION. To consider dedicating my energies, or an aspect of myself such as my creative practice, to something outside of myself.

At first, the theme didn't really resonate with me. It's been such a long time since I've done much creatively. I haven't had the energy to do very much for myself, let alone anyone or anything else. I was starting to get quite mopey when I suddenly had an idea -- what if I dedicate myself to my art and craft?

I was so excited by this that I decided to tackle the thing I feel I'm worst at art-wise. The drawing of faces! I flipped open my art journal to a random page and there was a collage piece with a face on it. I tried to copy it as best I could. I'm so out of practice that I'm a little embarrassed to show it, but here it is. And I have to apologise in advance for the bad photos, it was a dull day:

I'm not very happy with the eyes. I think it's because I tried to draw them as eyes 'should' look, rather than what I actually saw in the photo. Otherwise, it's OK. I feel happy because often I hesitate to draw in my art journals and consequently I never feel like my pages are quite finished. I always think, one day I'll get serious to improve my skills and do something more meaningful. Perhaps this is the time to begin.

I've also started my second painting on canvas. I think the square format is throwing me -- I'm used to the rectangular format of a journal.

I have no idea what it will be yet, and whenever I put it in front of me I'm confused about what to do, but I'm sure I'll get there at some point. I did with my first one!


  1. Love the way you turned this around and into a challenge for your practice! So inspiring. Thanks for playing along this month for APMM, too! On a side note - I'm totally curious about your astro sun and moon and how you feel they don't fit - I actually had my sun sign wrong for the better part of my life. Once I got a right reading, it made *way* more sense. But really, it's the whole chart that gives interesting insight. Happy creating!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment!
      That's interesting about getting a right reading done, I'll look into it! xx Katie.