Sunday, 3 January 2016

My 2016 Goals, or Lack of

Tada! I'm back already! I hesitated at purchasing a new laptop so soon after Christmas, but then I remembered that I need it for serious things like looking for a job and keeping my tax records, not just playing games and blogging. My new laptop is is basically the same as the old one, same brand and capacity, though it does have a larger screen and built-in keypad, which I love. My first Lenovo was called Leni, so I guess this one will be Leni 2 unless I think of something more creative.

RIP Leni!
(Unless Husband can re-image you and turn you
into a gaming machine, like he's planning to...)

This year I've been really hesitant to make any New Year's goals or resolutions. I've done that in the past and always failed in some way or another. Though, looking back on my beginning-of-year post for 2015, I did a lot more than I thought I had.

A new blog that I discovered the other day by accident inspired me, however. One of the suggested goal planning methods in this post was based on the Wheel of the Year. The Wheel is divided up into 8 sections, each with an aspect of life to focus on, e.g. Home, Career, Family. I relate much more to the number 9 than 8, so I drew up a grid with 9 squares, and added in 9 life aspects, like this:

I started trying to think up some goals for each category, but then I realised that most of them were either: double-ups from my 101 Things list, or things I just wanted to do in the next few weeks. Considering that I don't even know where I'll be at the end of this month, let alone the end of the year, I think perhaps it's best to just take things as they come and do what I can in the short term, rather than setting overarching goals for the whole year. At the very least, the square might be useful for thinking about what's important in my life.

Having said that, I'm inspired by Bunny Mummy's completion of her 2015 goal, which was a 1,000 mile walking challenge. I'm sure that I don't have either the time or fitness level to walk that far, so I've decided on a much more manageable 500km. That averages out at approximately 1.3km per day. I walk about half that from the train station to work and back again every weekday, so I think it's definitely manageable. I have the most trouble with exercising on the weekends, so hopefully having this challenge will motivate me to change that. I'll think of a nice big reward for myself later.

Other things I'm thinking of:
* work on increasing confidence and reducing anxiety
* KonMari my house
* rune/crystal studies
* go on at least one outing every month

Or I could just follow this plan:


  1. Aww, poor Leni! D:

    And, I think it's okay not to have any particular goals or resolutions. A year is long, after all :) I would be curious about your confidence/anxiety and rune/crystal studies if you decided to work on them, though! Confidence is something I've absolutely resolved to get to grips with this year, and spirituality too (I'm thinking about getting a rune set myself) :)

  2. I'll miss Leni 1. I spent so much time with him, I almost feel like he became a friend.

    I haven't written much about those sorts of topics on the blog before because they seemed too personal, but on the other hand I've always written about my interests and things that are important to me, and those things definitely are, so why not? I'm looking forward to seeing how you go with them, too.