Saturday, 9 January 2016

Meet my New Fur Friend!

This is Sharick. He moved into our house two days ago.

Our old cat Amy passed away over two years ago, and lately I've been starting to feel that I might be ready for a new feline companion. I didn't think it would happen quite so soon though! On Monday night a friend texted and said she wanted to talk to me about a cat. His owner wasn't able to look after him anymore, due to some personal troubles, and were we interested? On Tuesday we arranged to visit him. On Thursday we met him. He was unsettled due to everything going on in the owner's life, but otherwise seemed quite curious about us. We decided to take him. He was already in his carrier and all of his belongings were packed, so we took him home straight away.

It can take a while for cats to settle into a new home, so I was willing to wait up to a week to see if things worked out. At first he hid under the bed, but after about an hour, he came out and started exploring the house. An hour after that, he was rubbing up against Husband's leg as if they'd known each other for years. He also ate some dinner and was washing himself later on, both of which are good signs that a cat feels comfortable in its environment. We were both very pleased.

So now we are three again. It feels strange to have a cat again, but also natural at the same time. It'll take a while until we know his personality and habits well, and we're discovering new things constantly. It's an exciting time.

Hopefully I can take some better photos of him soon. I'm sure there will be many!

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