Friday, 11 March 2016

Finished Shawl!

My Autumn Sky shawl is finally finished. So-called because of the bright blue colour, and the filet openwork pattern, which isn't quite warm enough for Winter. Though it's way too warm for Summer! I could only wear it for a few minutes before I started sweating glowing. It's just like me to get crochet cravings in the middle of a heatwave!

I used the Tsubaki Cotton 2-way Marguerite pattern from Ravelry. The yarn is just a cheap-o acrylic. I used a larger-than-recommended hook so it turned out bigger than the original. I had to modify the edging as I was about to run out of yarn and did something simpler to make it last.

This shawl almost didn't make it. It took me 3 years. Not because the pattern was difficult at all, but because I just wasn't sure about the project. I nearly ripped it at one point because I'd come to hate the colour. But now I like it. I think it would work well in a Hama (seaside) Girl outfit.

And, ooo-er, look! Photos of my face! I dyed my hair yesterday, a darker colour than I've had in a long time. I'd forgotten how pale it makes me look! (But secretly, I kinda like that...)

Thanks to Husband for today's photos!


  1. That hair colour looks lovely on you! And congratulations for finishing the shawl!

    1. I'm a bit shy on showing photos of myself, so thank you! And thanks for the comment. xx