Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Chocolate Rotator -- 3D Chocolate Maker Toy

It all started last November. I saw an episode of Eat Your Kimchi on Youtube about a 3D Chocolate Maker. At the time I thought it looked like fun, but not really enough to order one from Korea. The very next day I was at Big W and saw one very similar. It was meant to be! I put it on my Christmas list and Husband duly bought it for me for Christmas. We were too busy to look at it until now, and the Easter holidays are the perfect time to muck around with chocolate.

The photos aren't so good for this post: it was a very dull day. Sorry about that, but hey, I'm a real person and nobody's perfect!

The chocolate rotator kit came with a gyroscope machine, 6 different shaped egg moulds, a mixing cup and spoon, and foil and stickers to wrap the finished creations with.

Melting the chocolate and adding it to the egg mould. We had to pour the chocolate into the mould and fit it into the machine very quickly while it was still runny.

Unfortunately I bought the wrong kind of chocolate and it wasn't runny enough to spread throughout the entire egg while it was spinning. Husband added some coconut oil and this helped somewhat.

The instructions said to spin the machine for 3 minutes. After making all 6 egg moulds, our arms were tired! We left them in the fridge for about an hour before unmoulding. The results were mixed: some came out well, others had big holes in them, and some came out a full shape, but with the bottom third completely filled with chocolate!

Still, it was a lot of fun and with the right chocolate, the chocolate eggs should come out well next time.

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