Tuesday, 8 March 2016

My KonMari Journey Has Begun!

I finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying a few months ago, and while I genuinely want to give my house the KonMari treatment, I have to admit I've put it off. It seemed like such a big job and it was too daunting. But yesterday, something came over me. Yesterday I KonMari-ed my socks!

I knew that I was going to start with my socks. I'd decided before I even finished reading the book to start with them because a) the book recommends starting with items that are of least sentimental value; and b) I was pretty sure they were all unpacked.

The big complicating factor with KonMari-ing my house is that quite a lot of my stuff is still packed. Especially the stuff of least sentimental value. So I have decided to give myself 12 months instead of the recommended 6 months, to account for all the unpacking.

Anyway, back to the socks. I have a lot of socks! I have a feeling that I have more of everything than I thought I did. Here are the socks:

And again, after sorting and folding the 'correct' way:

Even with something like socks, I was still sentimentally attached to some of them!
I kept this pair because I was given them as a prize for competing in a fun-walk:

And these because I bought them in C&A in Amsterdam. Even though they're very plain, I know which ones they are because they have the European sizes woven into the arch.

The final step in the KonMari process is, of course, to put your items that you've decided to keep where they belong. I put the knee-length socks at the back, as I hardly wear them anymore. The ankle socks fill up the big box, and the sneaker socks juuuuust fit into a small box. Across the front are socks I knitted myself, which are too thick to wear with shoes and are reserved for cold nights at home.

Whoa, I still have a lot of socks!! Look at the poor things all squished in! But, when I think about it, this will be the only time that all of my socks are put away. Any other time, there are inevitably always some in the wash. Also, in the future, I'd like to separate my Mori and other style clothes from my work clothes and set them up in the magical fairy wonderland hobby room. Socks will be included in that, so they'll be divided in half one day (soon?).

I tidied a few other things yesterday too, but that can wait for another time.

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