Sunday, 15 October 2017

Spring Garden Update

I took some photos for this post about 3 weeks ago, but didn't get around to posting it. Things have changed so much that I took a new set of photos and thought it would be fun to do a few comparisons. If I'd thought ahead, I would have taken them from the same angles, but I think there are some good shots anyway.

First is the nectarine tree. All of the fruit trees have finished blossoming now and are starting to grow tiny fruits. This tree in particular was afflicted with bad leaf curl last year and we ended up only getting one nectarine (yes, one!). I made sure to treat it in time this year (it has to be sprayed with copper sulphate just as the buds are forming) and it's looking much better. You can still see some affected leaves, but hopefully by plucking them regularly, the tree will perk up even more.

The roses have been growing steadily and flowerbuds are beginning to appear. I can't wait to smell their scent and see the beautiful colours again.

This is a new plant that I planted last year. I wanted to wait and see if it would take before debuting it, and it has! It's a French lavender. Isn't she beautiful? I asked the garden gnome to look after her and I think he's done a marvellous job so far.

I also planted these two daisy bushes along the front fence. It took them a while to settle in, but I was so pleased when they finally started to flower. They still look so tiny though. Sometimes I think I'm not patient enough to be a gardener!

Finally: my beloved fern is unfurling its fronds again.

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