Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Temperature Scarf : Update #6

It's been some time since my last Temperature Scarf update! Work on it has been very irregular, I have to admit. I was supposed to finish it at the end of February, but I'm about 6 weeks behind. I'm not sure if it was the hot weather, or the insistence of the cat who wants to sit on my lap (and then attack anything fibre-related that I try to do!). Probably a combination of both.

The situation isn't irretrievable because there's a page on the Bureau of Meteorology website with historical top temperatures which I can refer to, so the data isn't lost. It's not as fun as knitting the row on the day, of course. I tell myself, "I'll only have to do 4-5 rows a night and I'll be caught up in no time". But life gets in the way I guess, and what's the point in forcing myself to do it when I don't want to? It'll be finished sooner or later.

We only had one day over 40oC (104oF) this Summer, represented by the bright purple colour near the needles. It was quite surprising really, as we usually have more hot days. I'm not saying it was an unusually cool Summer, it's just that the gauge didn't quite tip over the edge from 30s to 40s. On the other hand, Winter was longer and colder than usual, just my kind of thing! It just goes to show that the weather is a good thing to choose if you need randomness. Well, Melbourne weather is, anyway!

I won't make another Temperature scarf/blanket/whatever, as this one hasn't been an unqualified success, but I would like a way of documenting the temperature somehow. Perhaps a box in my daily diary that I can colour in with an appropriately coloured pencil? I'll think about it and perhaps begin in April. That's the real end of Summer, anyway...

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