Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Things New and Old

Firstly, I decided that I would take some time out each month to visit Op Shops and try and score some cool stuff. So I initiated Thrifty Thursday, which I have decreed will be on the first Thursday of each month. Or whenever I have time to go. So I went last week and had a lovely time looking at everything and brought these home:

* books x 4 (half price)
* partitioned dish with flowers
* picture frames x 3 for painting and framing the prints I bought
* clothes. Including a beautiful drop-waist dress with a flowery border print that I just couldn't resist. It's about 3 sizes too small (I know, I can hear the groaning, not least from myself!) but I figure it's extra motivation for me to head to the gym every night.

Secondly, here is the picture of the kokeshi doll I finished on Sunday, as promised:

I'm not too happy with her proportions - her head is too small and/or her body too large. And her face is too small too. But I figure it'll take a few goes to find proportions I'm happy with. I tried embroidering the body this time, with a flower felt shape which I needle-felted to make it stick on, and used stranded cotton, a sequin and some tiny beads to embellish it. It was fun. I want to do it some more. I started embroidering some doll faces in preparation.

Lastly, I did get up my courage and I went to the Brown Owls craft night last night. And, gosh I had fun! Yeah, I did feel a bit awkward at times, but everyone was really friendly and I enjoyed making my project, vis:

embroidery and more stash enhancement

It's of some martini glasses and a cocktail. Sublime Stitching have some really cool patterns. At first I thought it was a bit pointless, if fun, but then I started thinking of some things I could make the fabric into - a drinks mat for our (at the moment) pretend retro bar that Boy and I are one day going to build. It would be really cute as a round mat with a crocheted edging. When I started thinking of all the things I could embroider, I got quite excited!
I also came away with a small stash of kitschy-cute stuff to decorate the hobby room with, and some pieces of fabric that I might use to applique a knitting project bag one day soon.
Unfortunately, the next craft night is sold out, but I'm on the waiting list and keeping my fingers crossed!

Now back to your regular programming - I really need to get that scarf finished!!

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