Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Small Update

Last night I made a few changes to my blog sidebar. =========>

I made the colours and sizes of the headings a bit more consistent, and I got rid of the 'Recently Finished' section. It had stuff on it dating back to last year! I seem to finish a project about once every 3 months lately. My focus isn't so much on finishing stuff lately - it's on practising and learning new things. So it made more sense to have a 'Recently Inspired By' section instead. In it, I'll feature books I've been reading, movies, blogs, etc. that have started my creative juices flowing.

I've just started a new project which will take 6 months. I'll explain more when I have some photos to show.

I'll leave you with another interpretation of Side Bar:

Tropical Poolside Bar HDR, originally uploaded by kim-i.

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